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The Back to Uni Gift Guide

The Back to Uni Gift Guide

We are nearing September which means one thing - normal service can now resume as the kids are all going back to school. That also means a whole new set of teenagers are leaving home and heading to university for the first time!

If you are unsure about what to get them (pans, plates, bedding etc are all practical but boring options!) look no further! I've put together this gift guide complete with all the best ideas for any shared house!

Personalised You Got This Mug - £14.50

Personalised You Got This Mug

As a recent graduate I can tell you the rumours are true - students wash the dishes about once a week. It's disgusting but it also makes this gift practical and thoughtful. Giving a new student a mug with their name on not only means nobody will steal it for their hangover cuppa (another issue all together) but they'll be able to make sure they keep at least one mug clean! Pictured here is our Personalised You Got This Mug which provides extra motivation for those 9am lectures!

Monogram Notebook in Black - £13.00

Monogram Notebook in Black

Make taking those notes a little more stylish with our monogrammed notebook - available in black, silver, pink and red. 

Personalised Name Laptop Case in Blush - £50.00

Personalised Name Laptop Case in Blush

These are one of my favourite products that we stock, they're just so beautiful! Most students type their lectures up or for some reason I would use my laptop to pull up the PowerPoint that was also not he board in front of me - I feel like there was a reason for this but now it seems silly. Either way - I needed a laptop case, I learnt the hard way and dropped my MacBook resulting in £400 worth of screen damage the week before Christmas break in my first year. A laptop case is probably the number one thing I would recommend.


Leather Heart Keyring in Blush - £20


Leather Heart Keyring in blush

For possibly the first time ever a new student will have keys to their own home (obviously discounting the family home here!) Such milestone needs a new keyring and why not make sure it's stylish and that they don't get them mixed up with their flatmates!

Dropshadow Pocket Phone Case - £35.00

pink pebble leather pocket phone case iPhone with neutral drop shadow font

We've all heard that saying 'work smarter, not harder' and let me tell you - student live and breathe this. I can't tell you how many times I forgot my uni ID (there was no way I was wearing my uni lanyard) and I wish I had one of these phone cases, because I can guarantee I never once went to uni without my phone, even after being mortified by accidentally watching a viral video with the volume on full. Now I use this for my debit card so it will come in handy even during the holidays/a night out!

I hope you've found something useful here and enjoyed the little insight into a few of my minor university disasters. If you still haven't found what you’re looking for you can shop our whole 'Back to School' collection here

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