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How to Wake up Earlier With Ease

How to Wake up Earlier With Ease

A few years ago, I wouldn't have even been looking to read a blog post like this. But after managing to wake up early even throughout lockdown when all I had to do was move from my bedroom to the living room, I think I have a few tips to pass onto you now!

It goes without saying that this blog post is aimed at those who can and wish to get up earlier

I'll start with a few reasons why getting up earlier is better for you:

  • You have a much more productive day
  • You feel like you've achieved something even if that is just moving to a different room.
  • You have a better night’s sleep because you are actually tired when you go to bed.
  • Believe it or not you'll have more energy throughout the day.

Now for the tips...

Drink plenty of water throughout the day

Ensuring you are hydrated leads to a much better sleep. You will also have much more energy, be less hungry and have glowing skin. It's the easiest tip but probably the hardest to stick to.

Have a night time routine


What your night-time routine is, is completely up to you. For me it's an eye mask, lavender spray on my pillow and a chapter or two of a book to tire my eyes out. Just make sure whatever you do is relaxing and not stimulating.

Set one alarm

I never set more than one alarm or snooze my alarm because that is a slippery slope. I set my alarm for 6am each morning so I have an hour to myself before I have to start my day. 

Make breakfast the night before

Whether it's overnight oats or yoghurt with granola, having breakfast ready made for you the next day takes one task off your list making getting up that much easier.

If I don't make breakfast I usually plan a really good breakfast so I'm excited to get up and eat it. Although this only works if you're a massive breakfast fan.

Set a plan for your morning before you go to bed

You don't need to plan it with military precision but just knowing you have something to do when you get up will make it easier to wake up. I always know I have a book to read for an hour in the morning. So waking up late means I won’t get any reading in that day - for me this is enough to get out of bed!

Have I made an early riser out of you yet?

My final tip is to start this of a Monday - yes you might be tired, it will probably be the last thing you want to do but giving it a good try for a week will prove both beneficial and by Friday you will have achieved at least an extra five hours of whatever you want to do - you could almost binge a Netflix series in that time!


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