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An Interview with SHE designer Liv Deran!

An Interview with SHE designer Liv Deran!

Koko Blossom has joined forces with fashion illustrator Mason Rayn, to create a limited-edition range of lifestyle products. To celebrate the launch of the collection we sat down with the designer of the collection Liv Deran to discuss the inspiration behind the collection and what she has in store for the rest of 2021!

Liv from Mason Rayn illustrations designing the she collection

What made you start Mason Rayn Illustrations?

I started Mason Rayn Illustrations during lockdown 1.0 my partner who works away Monday to Friday was due to start back at work and I wanted something to do in the evenings when the kids went to bed, I did graphic design in school and have always been creative so after seeing digital art here and there I decided to try it myself and now there is not a day I can’t be drawing.

How did you decide on the name Mason Rayn Illustrations?

The name comes from my two little boys middle names -  ‘Mavi Mason’ and ‘Arli Rayn’.  As all parents know children are their life and my business is always a reminder that I have to take it all the way. They are my inspiration everyday. What I do and what I will create in the Mason Rayn brand is for them.

What was the inspiration behind the SHE collection?

The inspiration behind the SHE collection was simply elegance with a hint of sass. When creating the designs I knew it had to incorporate the style of Koko Blossom in a Mason Rayn way. When I look back at the designs now I can see the elegance, femininity and the beauty but I can also see the confidence, the empowerment and the strong independent woman in each. The collection is truly beautiful! 

The SHE collection is the perfect mix of strong and feminine. Each lady encompasses style and sophistication are they based-on people you know?

The ladies are not based on anyone I know but more inspired by women I have come across virtually that have inspired me or caught my eye whilst searching for inspiration during the visualisation stages of the SHE collection.

The range features seven ladies all with their own unique style and personality. Which of the ladies do you most relate to?

Oooh this a hard one I am definitely in between Molly and Victoria. I like to push myself, I’m not one to complain and I believe in running with your plans and not looking back. But Victoria sets the vibe with her gold hoops and cat eye sunglasses

What are you most excited for this year for your business?

I’m just  really excited to see where Mason Rayn is this time next year, the growth of my business, and the products created from ideas. I’ve been very lucky with opportunities such as stocking the illustrated hoodies in a boutique earlier this year, working with you on the SHE collection, and there are lots of exciting things being created behind the scenes too including GirlBoss my Mason Rayn ‘brand extension’ which launches soon. So I’m excited for that and to perhaps think about taking my lockdown business full time later this year.


She collection Koko Blossom and Mayson Rayn Illustration. digital illustration females

I will leave a link here if you would like to shop the range - whether your an Olivia or Elanna I promise there's something you'll like and we'll even personalise it with your name or initials! This collection is extremely limited edition so don't hang around!


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