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The Top Five Glossier Picks to Add to Your Bronzer Order

The Top Five Glossier Picks to Add to Your Bronzer Order

If like me, the news of a Glossier bronzer had you throwing out all of your half-used cream bronzers that just don't quite look sun-kissed in anticipation of its release, this is the post for you. Or if you're yet to give it a try you'll want to read ahead and know where to start.

The no-makeup make-up ethos if glossier has me written all over it. And the best part is - it actually works. Somehow by some magic glossier manages to achieve that effortless cool girl 'I just woke up like this' makeup with minimal effort. So today's post is part love letter, part top five products which I'll get right to before I embarrass myself professing undying love for a foundation.

1. Glossier You eau de parfum

glossier you perfume

Every time I wear this someone asks me about it. To me, it smells like a holiday butwithout a hint of coconut or anything else you typically associate with a holiday. Glossier describe it as spicy, floral and sparkly. I don't know what sparkly smells like but I definitely like it!

2. Cloud Paint

glossier cloud paint

A cream/liquid blush hybrid that will literally last forever. I use the tiniest amount of this and after 12 months it hasn't made a dent. I have this in a few shades (Dawn, Puff and Beam) and my favourite thing to try is mixing the shades to make a unique tint perfect for my skin tone.

3. Perfecting Skin Tint

glossier skin tint

This is so sheer and yet manages to even and brighten your skin. It's absolute witchcraft but witchcraft you should definitely purchase! It is also perfect for summer as it's so light and breathable - you don't have to worry about it melting down your cheek by lunchtime!

4. Stretch Concealer

glossier stretch concealer

As I said, Skin Tint is very sheer. For days when you want a little more coverage, this is perfect. It's a conceder so I add it over my foundation, however, it also looks amazing blended into the areas you want coverage on days you don't want to wear any foundation!

5. Future Dew

glossier future dew

I add this to foundation or moisturiser for the perfect dewy glow without looking sweaty or shiny. I don't think I've seen anything like this - the closest I've come is the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Finish Glow Booster but even then they are completely different!

They're my top five but honestly, I could go on and on (Boy Brow is another hero of mine) - the only product I've tried and haven't love is Brow Flick (I had three and they all dried out - but Glossier we very responsive and helpful with sending replacements and eventually a refund). I'm yet to find anything that lives up to Glossier in my mind and I doubt I will but I'll finish this post here as I'm definitely falling back into love letter territory!

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