Photograph Personalised Earbuds

Personalised Photograph Earbuds

£59.00 GBP

These personalised photograph earbuds not only look stylish but are highly functional too. The personalised earbuds are compatible with IOS and Android devices with the capability of pairing up to all Bluetooth playback devices, including Apple, Samsung and all other major brands. Boasting a high stereo sound quality and long-lasting battery life, they will provide up to 8 hours constant use, and 110 hours on standby.

To personalise, simply add your name opposite and we will do the rest.

With an innovative automatic pop-up pairing, connecting the headphones to your device is simple. The earbuds have a 10-metre range and come with a USB charging cable. Each bud features fingerprint one-touch control, in addition to Siri/virtual assistant voice support. Charging time takes approximately 45 minutes, with the case also providing an additional battery capacity, allowing you to charge up to 5 times whilst on the go. Pretty amazing we think!

Price includes earbuds and the personalised case.