Seawash Hammam Towel | Sky Blue

Seawash Hammam Towel | Sky Blue

£20.00 GBP

What do you mean you have never used a hammam towel? Trust us, you are missing out! They are quite possibly the cleverest towel in the world. Not only pretty to look at, the hammam towel (sometimes known as a Fouta) is also super versatile.

Our Koko Blossom hammam beach towels are woven from pure Turkish cotton - a breathable, lightweight and high-quality material and whilst these towels are much thinner than the regular bathroom or beach towel it doesn't make them any less absorbent, it just makes them more adaptable to any situation.

Due to the lightweight nature of these products it makes them perfect for the beach, the pool, festivals, a picnic rug, weekends away, camping, rambling and even as a sarong... the list goes on.

- 100% Pure Turkish cotton
- 180 x 100cm
-  290 grams
-  Pre-washed for a super soft feel