How to Pack Hand Luggage For a Week


As life is starting to get back tosomewhatnormality, holidays are finally back on the cards! There has been a rising trend in recent years for taking hand luggage only. We say trend but most of the time it's the astronomical hold luggage charges that have people cramming weeks worth of clothing into a little bag!

So I am here to help, sometimes being a Monica comes in handy and this is definitely one of those times. I'll let you in on a secret... I've been keeping track of exactly which items I've packed on holiday for the last four years. Sometimes I take hold luggage - I am bad for overpacking. So much so, for two weeks in Vancouver, I packed a hold suitcase, a carry on suitcase (which I also checked in) and a backpack for the journey. I'm outing myself here so you can trust me when I say I have hand luggage packing without skipping the essentials down to a fine art! I always have space at the end to throw in a few extra topsjust incase.

Plan your itinerary

This is so important! If you know what you're doing and when you can plan accordingly! The last thing you want is to only take candles and then find out you have a hike planned or pack hiking boots only to find out you've wasted the space.

This also helps when planning what you can rewear later in the week - tops and dresses will probably need washing or extras packing but jeans, shorts and skirts will do you for a few days.

Wear anything bulky on the plane

Don't do a Joey but if you are taking trainers wear them on the plane. My friends take bets as to whether I'm going to turn up in jeans for the flight (I almost always do unless it's long haul then I'm practically in pyjamas!) but jeans are my bulkiest item so I never want to pack them! I also always wear my jewellery on the plane so I know I have it and if they do check my bag at the gate I don't have to worry about it going missing!

Side note - wear this outfit when coming home as well.

Check your bag requirements

Each airline has different carry on requirements so you want to double-check this to avoid any fees but also to avoid taking a smaller bag than necessary!

Switch your liquids for solids

Items like blusher and bronzer can all be swapped for powder alternatives - you don't want cream products taking up your space! Depending on your eyebrow shade you can use any brow powder/pencil as an eyeliner as well!

Also, check ahead with your accommodation as to what they provide - most hotels will provide shampoo, conditioner and body wash as standard.

Fold and roll

This saves so much space! There are hundreds if not thousands of youtube videos showing you how t fold and roll your clothes to maximise space and that's because it actually makes a difference! Nobody is weighing your hand luggage so you want to fit as much in as you can!

My number one tip that cancels out most other tips

Check your hand luggage in! This goes against everything else I've said but some airlines allow you to check your hand luggage in for a small fee (easyJet is £7 at the time of writing this). This way you can eliminate any liquid requirements and still have an allowance for a handbag on the flight (make sure you pack this before heading to the airport).

I hope you have picked up something useful here and as promised click here to download the free packing list that is basically my life work - you're welcome!

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