Our Story

    Koko Blossom Founder Laura Brownhill


Explore the personalised world of Koko Blossom, a curated selection of stylish lifestyle products, homewares and accessories – all made with you in mind. Designed in the UK and inspired by worldwide travels, Koko Blossom has become the preferred online destination store for bringing customised style into your home and everyday life.

Koko Blossom was founded by Laura Brownhill, inspired by a love of quality and all things personalised. Having worked in the wonderful world of home interiors, bedlinen to be specific, for several years the pull of running a business grew too strong and Koko Blossom was formed.

From our studios in Cheshire, Koko Blossom has flourished and expanded from homewares to an extensive selection of personalised lifestyle goods including; personalised phone cases, monogrammed leather products, a wide range of personalised travel goods, stationery and much more. Our customised lifestyle collection continues to grow and with the demand for premium personalisation ever present, the future is bright.

Explore the world of Koko Blossom, you’ll find style, versatility and more importantly, a whole lot of you. Thank you for being part of our journey.