Your Essentials for a 2021 Summer Getaway

It's been the question on everybody's lips all year, 'will we get a summer holiday?'. And the answer is yes, well, kind of. If you are happy to take numerous tests and risk having to jump on the next flight home, a European getaway is well within reach. However, if you'd rather play it safe a UK staycation is for you! This post won't be the essentials related to government advice or medical - it's going to be everything else. Because regardless of what's going on in the world you still need suncream and a beach towel for a holiday!

Speaking of which number one on the list is a Hammam Towel!

Hammam towels are super lightweight and yet extra-absorbent making them perfect to throw into your suitcase when travelling abroad. The lightweight fabric also means they can be folded up small to make room for everything else. Extremely versatile, a hammam towel can be used as a beach towel, picnic blanket, sarong, and there is a growing trend to use them as decor in bo-ho inspired rooms!

Next on this list is the obvious essential... a suitcase!

Regardless of how far you are going, you'll definitely be needing a suitcase. The only question is how big should it be. Luckily for you, we have suitcases in four sizes: Baby, Cabin, Medium and Large. What can be better than seeing your personalised suitcase coming off the aeroplane?

If you don't want a whole new suitcase, why not try a personalised luggage tag to help you spot your case a mile off. Whilst you are there you might as well get a personalised passport cover - we did miss last years holiday, after all, it's time to make the most of it!

Finally, you need things to fill the suitcase with.

We actually have a blog post all about what to pack when going away, there is a free downloadable PDF with a packing list as well, we've done all the hard work for you!

Now you are ready for your holiday! We aren't jealous at all...

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